Pop: Cross-project code search for Mac

Code search deserves a dedicated tool

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Pop Grep IDE Spotlight
Search all your projects
Your whole drive, or any part of it
Search for symbols and punctuation
( . , )   is a valid search
Order-insensitive search option
import datetime   also finds    from datetime import date
Internet-style advanced searches
OR operator, phrase search, exclude specific matches, wildcards
Codebase navigation integrated with search
Understanding code needs context

Simple and powerful

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My Image

You already know how to use it

Like an internet search, but finds lines of code locally on your Mac.

Beautiful workflow

Browse uses of any name you meet: Double click and hit E for a follow up search in its parent folder.

Search history with cached results: Explore a match in detail with follow up searches, then use the back button to return for next match

Hands-on-keyboard shortcuts for everything

User defined macros

Not an MVP. Made with love and a touch of OCD.

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