Data Privacy Policy

Personal data

We don't collect any data that can identify you personally, unless you buy a license - in which case Fastspring, our payment processor, records your name, address and email. Fastspring is a respected payment processor used by the likes of Adobe (but don't hold that against them).

We won't pass on your details to anyone else. We do store your name and email address so we can re-issue lost licence keys, but drop us an email and we'll delete your transaction - and then your email.

If you give us your email address asking to get notified of future Pop releases, we use MailChimp for this. We'll only use it - sparingly - to let you know about product updates and new releases. We won't give it to anyone else, and we'll delete if you click the unsubscribe link or ask us to.

Web analytics data

To count people who visit our website, we use Google Analytics and Clicky.

You can avoid cookies by browsing incognito; although Clicky still counts you in the stats somehow, even if you've turned off javascript, using one-pixel images.

App analytics data

Unlicensed versions of Pop and Crab send a ping once a day so we can count how many people are using them. The only data they send is the randomly generated install id number, so we know how frequently people are using the apps. If people download an app and only ever use it once, it tells you something important.

When you enter a license key, the app sends a "Goodbye" ping, so we know you didn't just have some problem with the app. Again, it has no data except that random install id.

This app analytics data is handled by Google Analytics, and is treated just like a web page ping. You can use an application firewall like Little Snitch or Radio Silence to stop Mac apps reporting to base.

In order to function, Pop and Crab cache data from your searches including queries/searches and search results. Obviously none of this data is ever sent off your machine.

  • Pop stores cache data in ~/Library/Application Support/Pop/.Pop.log
         and ~/Library/Application Support/Pop/SearchHistory

  • Crab stores cache data in files in ~/CrabHome/CrabData unless you've specified a different .crdb file

We're registered Apple developers, but can't distribute Pop or Crab through the app store because sandboxing doesn't permit an app to show file contents without going through a file-open dialog, which obviously won't work for a file search app or filesystem query app.

Organisations who buy a site license (>100 seats) get the right to see the source code, and watch the app being built from that code for any specific app version, with an MD5 hash matching that release.

Privacy feedback

Let us know if you've got any questions or suggestions

We use Google and Clicky Analytics to count how many people visit, and how many come back.
For now, if you don't want a cookie, please browse in incognito mode.

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