Crab: Filesystem SQL for Mac and Windows

Query and process files, like data in a database


  ls | awk -F . '{print $NF}' | sort | uniq -c | awk '{print $2,$1}'


SELECT extension, count(*) FROM files GROUP BY extension;

Crab is a command line tool for analyzing and processing files with SQL.
It's for Bash and PowerShell users who need a tool for grouping and filtering file data.
And it's for SQL users who don't want to learn a domain specific language just to process files

Move the shell sideways

  • SQL's set based logic: Ideal for selecting groups of files for processing, for comparing one set of files with another, and for analyzing file stats

  • Use the LIKE operator: Find files with simple text pattern matching. No corner cases due to spaces in filenames, shell special characters, overlong path names, argument list too long errors, ...

  • Run Operating System commands on files listed in query results. No need to pipe anything, it's a SQL function. Use ORDER BY to specify the order files are processed.

  • Use SQL in Bash scripts, or run SQL scripts to process files

  • Write query results to file or pipe output to other commands

  • Combine search criteria using AND, OR and NOT.

  • No new language to learn or support, it's SQL

  • No need to install, no need for admin rights, just unzip and run

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